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World Coffee Trade

What if we could solve many of the worlds problems by drinking your morning coffee? That might sound crazy but I believe it can. Coffee is produced in poor countries and not only poor countries but in the poorest areas within the poor countries. Poor financially speaking, but rich in spirit, however it takes money to buy things we humans need. there are 125 million people that rely on coffee production as their source of income. Most of these people now are struggling and to put it simply life isn’t always easy. The reason for this is after a long day on the either growing, picking, and processing the coffee, these families and small lot owners are paid the lowest amount possible, by the large coffee trading companies. That’s how we get coffee in a bag for $4-$6. What if we the consumers paid more for a bag of coffee and realize that the extra money makes all the difference in supporting these coffee farming families. By paying just a bit more and especially when we buy from smaller size companies that purchase directly from the farms, cutting out the middle men we are sending financial capital directly into these poorer areas of the world. Not to mention you’ll be drinking better quality coffee. In Puerto Rico we pay the farmers and pickers the highest amount in the world along with Hawaii, which is a great example of coffee being a win win for the producer and consumer instead of a win lose situation. This is the goal for Julian Coffee ( Help the world 1 cup at a time


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