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How to make the best cup of coffee

Keep it simple, no matter if you have a $20 french press or a $2000 top of the line espresso machine, the taste of your coffee is 80% going to depend on the quality of the coffee itself. 10% on the roast and 10% on how you brewed it at home. I like to drink my coffee from a french press. Since the quality of the coffee is so good that's all I need to have better tasting coffee in the morning compared to even the top coffee shops around. I just grind the quantity I need for my cup, (2 tablespoons) put the grounds in a french press, put in boiling water, wait 4-5 minutes, put down the filter, than voi'la pour it into my cup and enjoy. Moral of the story is just buy the highest quality coffee you can, try out mine Julian Coffee from Puerto Rico and you can just use a cheap french press or greca and you will have great coffee every morning black or with a pinch of brown sugar and a little milk.



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