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So many health benefits in coffee

Coffee and caffeine has in the past gotten a bad rap as being unhealthy. Thankfully in recent years that has started to reverse, and the real science of its benefits are coming to the surface. Now of course quality is the main factor and high quality coffee will be healthier with lower grade generic coffee not as much so. I know personally the oldest member of our family my great aunt flossy (my grandmothers aunt) who is 95 years old is still sharp and mentally very alert and I realized after going to breakfast with her that she likes her coffee. I asked her about it and she told me shes been drinking it all her life (since her 20's). So i saw first hand the health benefits it has for the brain. Here is a quick list backed by science (controlled studies) of all its amazing benefits.


Coffee Could Help Protect Against Dementia

Coffee Could Help Increase Libido in Women

Coffee Could Help Protect Against Breast Cancer

Coffee Could Strengthen Your DNA

Coffee Could Help Prevent Gum Disease

Coffee Could Help Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's

Coffee Could Help Reduce Post-Workout Muscle Pain

Coffee Could Make It Easier to Go to the Bathroom

Coffee Could Help Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes


There you have it. Just remember to brush your teeth after drinking. I personally follow the 4x4 rule which is 4 cups a day no later than 4pm, but rules were meant to be broken so its ok later every now and again. As always check out my coffee company Julian Coffee ( bringing you the worlds best coffee from the island of Puerto Rico. Take Care.


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How interesting. Thanks for sharing the history of Coffee from Puerto Rico.
Les deseo el mayor de los éxitos. 🙏


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